Dier's Golden Snitch for Patronus

Seeker was bred by my good friend Debbie Takayama in Hawaii.  My youngest child, who is 4, claimed Seeker as "his" puppy as soon as he arrived, and the two of them are now best of friends - a testament to Seeker's wonderful temperament!  

Seeker is a solid red fawn, which means he will never sire a white puppy (by genetics).  He is currently in training to be a show dog with the talented Vickie Venzen, and he will begin his show career in February 2018.  

Seeker is a PLL Carrier by DNA.  He will be fully health tested prior to being bred.
CH Skybar Fokker Fan-Fan

Ramen (pronounced RAH-men, like the noodles) came to us from Sweden as a puppy and he very quickly  made himself at home.  Super sweet and gentle, Ramen has been handled in the breed ring & in Junior Showmanship by my teenaged daughter as well as various other people. He never met a stranger!  Ramen is exactly 16 inches at the withers.

Ramen is a proven stud & is fully health tested, all results Normal, CHIC # 115738  ​He is available at stud to approved bitches only.

PLL Carrier by DNA