CH Skybar Fokker Fan-Fan

Ramen (pronounced RAH-men, like the noodles) came to us from Sweden as a puppy and he very quickly  made himself at home.  Super sweet and gentle, Ramen has been handled in the breed ring & in Junior Showmanship by teenagers as well as various other people. He never met a stranger!  Ramen is exactly 16 inches at the withers.

Ramen is a proven stud & is fully health tested, all results Normal, CHIC # 115738  ​He is available at stud to approved, fully health tested bitches only.

His cardiac echo was repeated at 8 years of age, and the results were excellent! Normal with zero murmur detected.

PLL Carrier by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Carrier by DNA

CH Patronus-DyHar Shut the Front Door

Hodor is a result of a collaboration with Suzzanne Rafols of DyHar, and I could not be happier with this boy!  He is equal parts his sire (Ramen) and his dam (Dallas), with an outstanding temperament and a big sense of humor. You could not ask for a sweeter boy <3

Hodor is handled by Dana Crelia (Ring Ready).

PLL Clear by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Carrier by DNA
Skybar Arched Hooktip

Buster was sent here from Sweden as a proven adult, and I'm forever in his breeder Hanne Winninge's debt for allowing her special boy to join my program.  He is a sweet boy, and we're looking forward to beginning his show career here in the USA in 2023!

Buster has produced some very lovely puppies in Europe, and I'm excited to see what he brings to our American dogs.

PLL Clear by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA, LP Clear by DNA