Dier's Golden Snitch for Patronus CGC

Seeker was bred by my good friend Debbie Takayama in Hawaii.  Seeker is a solid red fawn, which means he will never sire a white puppy (by genetics). Small and compact with a lovely profile, Seeker has tried a number of different performance events...but his favorite thing to do is lay on the couch and snuggle with his people.

Seeker lives with and is shown by his co-owner, Nicolle Apter.  

Seeker is a proven stud and is fully health tested, CHIC #138083

PLL Carrier by DNA      LAD Clear by DNA.  
CH Skybar Fokker Fan-Fan

Ramen (pronounced RAH-men, like the noodles) came to us from Sweden as a puppy and he very quickly  made himself at home.  Super sweet and gentle, Ramen has been handled in the breed ring & in Junior Showmanship by teenagers as well as various other people. He never met a stranger!  Ramen is exactly 16 inches at the withers.

Ramen is a proven stud & is fully health tested, all results Normal, CHIC # 115738  ​He is available at stud to approved, fully health tested bitches only.

PLL Carrier by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Carrier by DNA

Patronus-DyHar Shut the Front Door

Hodor is a result of a collaboration with Suzzanne Rafols of DyHar, and I could not be happier with this promising youngster!  He is equal parts his sire (Ramen) and his dam (Dallas), with an outstanding temperament and a big sense of humor.

Hodor is now only three single points away from his AKC Championship!  He's a super easy boy to show in the ring, and he is handled by Dana Crelia (Ring Ready).

PLL Clear by DNA; LAD Clear by DNA; LP Carrier by DNA