Mini Bulls are a fairly rare breed, with only about 200 of them born every year in the USA.  I do keep a waiting list of people who are interested in purchasing one of my puppies. Pups are placed based upon fit into the family, NOT who has been on my list the longest!

If you are interested in being considered for a Patronus puppy, please fill out and submit my puppy application online to be added to my waiting list.  


I require all puppy buyers to sign and abide by my puppy contract. Please note that ALL pet pups are sent home with Limited AKC registration and a strict spay/neuter agreement. 

Show prospect pups are sent only to select homes with preference given to those who have experience showing dogs in AKC Conformation Events.  They go home with Full AKC registration but on (temporary) Co-Ownership with us.

All of our dogs have their cardiac echo exams, patellas checked, and kidney function tested prior to being bred, and their PLL results are on file with the OFA.  

ALL of my pups will be PLL tested and their status disclosed before going home with their new families.  Puppies are also BAER tested for genetic hearing loss at 6 weeks.
When we have puppies, we post their information on  www.PatronusPuppies.homestead.com 
We breed for health, temperament and conformation.   All three are EQUALLY critical to a good breeding program - a CORRECT Miniature Bull Terrier must LOOK like a Mini Bull, ACT like a Mini Bull, and live a long and HEALTHY life!
All our 2017 puppies are spoken for; we are planning our 2018 litters now.  See the Nursery page for additional information.